Getting the Most Out of Advantage Database Server 8.0
Advantage Database Server Seminars presented by Cary Jensen

Here's what others have had to say about Advantage Developer Days seminars presented by Cary Jensen in 2004 and 2005...

Cary provides an excellent, easy to understand presentation coupled with concise documentation and examples.
Jon Heath
Fiserv Intergra Sys

Cary Jensen has a knack for presenting subjects to both novice and the advanced audience.
Victor Feria
Pogee Technologies

Excellent seminar - well worth the money, and more importantly, the time.
Narath Carlile
Softlight Inc.

I was overwhelmed and loved every minute of it. Cary's knowledge of all subject material was exceptional. He has a deep passion for what he does and it shows.
Vince Costanzo
Frontier Micro Systems

I was very impressed with the value of the course, and in fact would have been happy to pay 5x the price, given the materials I received.
Adam Ziegler, M.C.S.E.
Stephens & Associates

These seminars always help me narrow down which features and new platforms are worth our time and which are not.
Catherine M. Dopp
ARC Growing Software

Cary is very knowledgeable and has the ability to speak directly to the developer in clear, concise terms. A great course overall!
Gary Blair
Techmate, Inc.

Seminar was absolutely wonderful.
Jim Gabriel
BTree Computing Services

Very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable.
Scott Hawkins
Burgess Information Systems

This was a great mini-seminar to expose you to Advantage and some of its great features.
David G. Strack
LogistixWorx, Inc.

I thought the seminar was great, especially for entry level users to Advantage Database Server to introduce them to the product and give a good idea of how the product works. I left with a better understanding of how the product ties with different languages. I will have enough knowledge to get started using my single user copy out of the box.
David Wynn
ABF Engineering and Machining

This seminar is not a sales pitch. Cary explains the features, but also doesn't sugar coat any problems with the feature or technology.
Chuck Fraizer
Procure Rx

Great Job - Best jump start in the business!
Lee Wright
Wrightware Corp.

Developer Days are excellent courses - both lectures and workbooks are through and organized and save tremendous time sorting through the jungle of technology.
Winston Blackwell

Clear, insightful, well paced, hands on, and one-on-one attention. Great!
Simon Stanley
Astec, Inc.
(Note: Advantage Developer Days 2006 seminars are lecture-style. Hands-on workshops are available on an onsite basis. Contact Jensen Data Systems at info for more information.)

For more information about Advantage Developer Days, or to reserve your seat, please email Register. For questions about seminar content, contact Jensen Data Systems, Inc via email at info.

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